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The Victor Book For Boys 1973

The Victor Book For Boys 1973

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The Victor Book For Boys 1973

Relive your childhood memories, or brush up on your history, with your own copy of the annual The Victor Book For Boys 1973!

Do you know what a ‘Coleopter’ is? Find out in this Victor annual!

Condition: Used: very good with no scribbles inside other than the inscription on the inside cover: “To Michael with love from Mummy and Daddy, Xmas 1972”.  Original price label is still attached.

Edition: 1972 (first edition)

Format: Hardback

Publisher: D.C. Thomson & Co.Ltd, Dundee and London.

The first annual is sought after and doesn’t often turn up in very high grade this, however, is a 1972 edition and is markedly cheaper than the £500 a 1964 edition would cost!

This would make a great Christmas or Birthday present. It’s different, and definitely more interesting than socks and gloves…..

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Some Trivia For You From Wikipedia

The Victor was a British comic paper published weekly by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. The Victor ran for 1657 issues from 25 January 1961 until it ceased publication on 21 November 1992. Associated with it was the annually published The Victor Book for Boys.

This annual was first published in 1964, with the last edition published in 1994. A hardback book, The Best of The Victor, was published in 2010 ready to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this popular adventure comic. The book featured a selection of reprints from the weekly comic.

The Victor told adventure tales in comic book format. It featured many stories that could be described as “Boy’s Own” adventures. In particular, each week the front cover carried a story of how a medal had been won by British or Commonwealth forces during the Great War or the Second World War. One of these, from issue 15, appeared in Classics from the Comics in May 2009.

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