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Small Victorian Ceramic Jelly Mould/Aspic Jelly Mould

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Small Victorian Ceramic Jelly Mould/Aspic Jelly Mould

This is a wonderful Small Victorian Ceramic Jelly Mould/Aspic Jelly Mould with ornate ‘petal like’ pattern at the bottom of the mould (top of the jelly).

This jelly mould is in reasonable visible condition, with a hairline crack but no chips. It is discoloured and crazed.

Width:- 12.5cm (5″)
Depth: 9.6cm
Height: 5cm

It would be great for making small retro jellies; Tequila sunrise jelly (based on the cocktail of the same name) was a surprising departure from the more boring flavours bought in packets…

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Jelly Mould

A jelly mould was a ‘must have’ kitchen item for any self-respecting Victorian housewife or housekeeper! They had one for every occasion and they weren’t just for jellies (gelatine based concoction) and blancmange. The jellies from the more ornate designs took centre stage on the dining table, and showed off the cook’s prowess in the kitchen. (Jelly didn’t come prepared in cubes in those days…). Many moulds portrayed flowers and fruit but some moulds portrayed game and were used for savouries made from aspic (Yuk!). The moulds were usually ceramic (stoneware, earthenware and ironstone), glass, and occasionally copper or other metals.

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