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Set of Four British Stamp Cattle Postcards

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Set of Four British Stamp Cattle Postcards

Set of Four British Stamp Cattle Postcards, featuring well known breeds.

Measure approximately 14.8 cm (width) x 10.5 cm (height)

Cattle: issued on 6th March 1984 PHQ 73 a-e

Highland Cow (73a)
Chillingham Wild Bull (b)
(c) is missing
Welsh Black Bull (d)
Irish Moiled Cow (e)

All the postcards have been kept as sets inside the paper envelope, as depicted in the photo. They are all in very good condition with some yellowing evident at the back. A great addition to your collection or to use as notelets/ postcards. There are some lovely designs and they look great framed!

PHQ cards are postcards issued by the British Post Office depicting the designs of their commemorative stamps. They are generally available to buy in main post offices about two weeks prior to the release of each new set of stamps. The 'PHQ' stands for Postal Headquarters. All items published by the Post Office are given a number which is prefixed by letters. The first card issued, on 16 May 1973, was numbered PHQ1, and the numbering sequence has continued to the present day.

A wonderful addition to a postcard collection!

NB: The images have been taken with and without flash, hence the difference in colour.

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