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Noritake Green Tea Plate With Geese Pattern

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Noritake Green Tea Plate With Geese Pattern

This Noritake Green Tea Plate With Geese Pattern is absolutely gorgeous! The plate has gilded edges and the geese motif. I can’t find another! I know the pattern is over 40 years old but I have been unable to track down the pattern name.

Approximate Size of the plate

  • Base Diameter 10.5cm
  • Top diameter 16.2cm
We have two plates left in stock. The price quoted is for one plate. 

Back Stamp

Komaru Back stamp

The back stamp was first registered for use in the UK from 1911. The printed back stamp is based on the Chinese character (Komaru), meaning ‘difficulty’.


Made in Japan

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Information On the Maruki Symbol Is Kindly Provided by India Street Antiques

The Maruki symbol is the Corporation Motif of the Morimura Kumi Group of Companies.

The symbolism behind the Maruki Backstamp is as follows –

The centre design of Maruki was taken from the Chinese Character ‘Kon’ of Konnan, meaning ‘DIFFICULTY’.
The centre (tree or ‘ki’) of square was modified to new design and the stem of tree was also modified to spears, these spears to break through the difficulty situation.
Finally to settle everything smoothly and peacefully, cut off four corners and made them to circle.’

Application of use of Maruki Mark on backmark with Noritake (Company Name) at top and Made In Japan (Country of Origin) at base. This mark has several variations, which were used from as early as 1902 in its simplest form without any words.

Application of use:
The Maruki symbol was used not only for Morimura Backstamps, but also for Noritake backstamps, Toyo Toki Kaisha (present day Toto & Co) Kokura China, chinaware products, logos of Morimura Brothers Incorporated companies, letterheads and envelopes, stencil marks of wooden boxes and cartons for export and domestic goods, workman’s livery, company flag, employee’s badges and more.

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