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KW E-ZEE Match KW Electronics Antenna Tuning Unit Balanced ATU

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KW E-ZEE Match KW Electronics Antenna Tuning Unit ATU

The KW E-ZEE Match KW Electronics Antenna Tuning Unit Balanced ATU is an almost legendary product based on the L-match circuit design. It will work 400W PEP into an open wire, 300 ohm twin fed, or even with a centre fed doublet or Windom.

It is in good working condition with surface scuffs/scratches/blemishes as seen in the attached images.

Approximate Size excluding knobs and connectors (W.H.D):  30 cm x 12.8 cm (~5") x 15.4 cm (~6") 

The KW-EZEE Match is designed for either a wire and ground connection or for a balanced feed line without the need for the losses introduced by the usual balun found in most modern matches.

The antenna connections are at the rear of the unit: note the centre connector of the pairs are linked to the ground terminal. This configuration is for unbalanced feeds such a simple wire and ground antenna or any coax feed. If the matcher was to be used for balanced ladder line, for example, the links would need to be removed.
Frequency Range : 3.5 MHz – 30 MHz
Resistive Loads: 15 ohms – 5000 ohms
Maximum Power: 400 Watts SSB, 100 Watts AM.
Antenna connections at the rear of the unit consist of two pairs of terminals each capable of accepting banana-plugs, spade-tag or simply screw down on to a wire.

The black pair of terminals are primarily used for lower bands typically 80, 30 and 40 metres and the red pair of terminals are primarily used for upper bands, typically 20 through to 10 metres, with a centre black terminal below for the earth connections.
Operational Tuning technique

  1. Reduce the transmitter power to the lowest practical value.
  2. Adjust 'C Shunt ' (Left knob) to produce a dip in the SWR
  3. Adjust 'C Source' (Right knob) to continue to lower the SWR.
  4. Retune to step 2/ to continue to reduce the SWR. A perfect 1:1 match should be achievable on all HF bands subject to antenna and feed line

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