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Art Deco 1930s Gray's Pottery Cream Wall Pocket Vase

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Art Deco 1930s Gray's Pottery Cream Wall Pocket Vase

We have on sale an unusual Art Deco 1930s Gray’s Pottery Cream Wall Pocket Vase. It is matt and cream/ straw in colour, and undecorated. The colour is slightly paler than it appears in the images.

It is in good used condition with no cracks, chips or restoration. However, it is not flawless. There are manufacturing defects in the vase that have been present since the vase was first made.

Printed Back Mark (used from the 1930s).

Gray’s Pottery

Stoke- on -Trent


The vase tapers down in size to the bottom of the vase, which is banded in a style reminiscent of 1930s Keith Murray Wedgwood. This is similar in design to other Gray’s pieces of this period.

Approximate Maximum Dimensions:

  • Height:- 18.8cm (7.4″)
  • Depth:- 9.0cm (3.5″)
  • Width :- 17cm (6.7″)

Please click on the following link for more vintage pocket vases or to read my blog about the history pf pocket vases.

Some History for You!

Gray’s were founded in 1907 by Albert Edward Gray (AE Gray). The company was initially set up in Manchester, England prior to moving to Hanley, Staffordshire in 1912. They are most widely noted as a pottery decorating company, however, in the 1930s there was a fashion for matt glazed undecorated products. This trend was most notably led by Keith Murray at Wedgwood.

Grays most famous designer was Susie Cooper who worked there between 1922 and 1929 reaching the level of Art Director. Cooper implemented floral, banding and strong geometric patterns and also produced lustre vases.

Grays was bought out by Portmeirion Potteries in 1959 on the death of Edward Gray.

For more interesting information on this Staffordshire potter click on the link to this great resource website for Gray’s pottery.

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