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1976 World of Survival Series Wade England Polar Bear

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1976 The World of Survival Series Wade of England Ceramic Polar Bear

This is a rare and wonderful ceramic rendition of the 1976 World of Survival Series Wade England Polar Bear.

Wade were commissioned by ‘Survival Anglia Limited’ to produce some animal figurines based on their popular TV Series ‘The World of Survival’. Two series of figurines were produced between 1976 and 1982. The polar bear is from the first series.

All of the animal figurines are highly prized. There have been many copies and reproductions but none can compare with the original.

The manufacturer’s were Wade Ceramics Limited, Staffordshire, UK. A pottery established in 1810 and still manufacturing today. They are best known, in the UK and USA, for creating and manufacturing Whimsies from the 1950s: small porcelain animal figurines, which were low priced and highly collectable.

This handsome figurine is much larger than a Whimsy, and much finer in structure and detail.

Approximate Dimensions

  • 21cm (8.3″) nose to tail
  • 11cm (4.3″) in height

The Series 1 figures included:-

  • African Elephant
  • African Lion
  • American Bison
  • Black Rhino
  • Polar Bear
  • Tiger

The valuation of the Polar Bear, taken from ‘The Wade Collector’s Handbook’ by Francis Joseph Publications-Issu, is £250-350. We are offering this one at £119.99.

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