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1940s 10F/7741 Type F Bathtub Military Morse Key

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1940s 10F/7741 Type F Bathtub Military Morse Key

This is an iconic 1940s 10F/7741 Type F Bathtub Military Morse Key. As used in RAF Lancaster, Halifax and Wellington Bombers, in conjunction with the T1154 Radio, during WWII: see photo.

It is commonly known as the bathtub as it is shaped like an old fashioned British 'bathtub!' This particular key has been mounted on a piece of wood.

There are no chips to the outside of the bakelite, and the internal spark proof membrane is complete and unperished. It does have some scuffs and scratches on the bakelite. 

A clip holds the bathtub key cover closed and can also be extended to depress the edge of the knob so that a signal can be sent continuously in the event of an emergency. The fact that the key is totally enclosed meant it could also be used in a flameproof environment. 

  • Material: Bakelite case 
  • Approximate Morse Key Dimensions (WHD) 13.5 x 7 x 4 cm 
  • Approximate Wood Base Size (WHD): 15.3 x 1.8 x 14 cm

A great find for all collectors of military keys or radio communication aficionados!

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