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1930s Classic Car Castrol Oil Lubrication Charts In Envelopes

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1930s Classic Car Castrol Oil Lubrication Charts In Envelopes

These original, 1930s, car Castrol oil lubrication charts are really a work of art. Originally available from Wakefield, Castrol, (the oil company), as marketing on how to lubricate your car. They are sold with their protective paper envelope!

The envelopes have some defects e.g. missing a flap, iron spots and creases. The chart inside is in very good condition, with slight yellowing: (the poster of the Talbot also has some brown staining). They have been folded to fit the envelope but could easily be framed to hang in the garage, vintage office or industrial home. A great find!

Height: 56.5cm
Width: 43cm
(This is almost the same size as 'A2' paper:- 420 x 594 mm

Printed on to a heavy art paper, in red and black, an original chart makes a fantastic addition to the retro-home, garage or office!

The three prints available are as follows-

1.0 Talbot 105, 31/2 Litres and Limousine Models
L.C.59F-36-1/36 (65,75,90,95,205, Models 345)
NB: This poster has some brown marks on it.

The Talbot 105 (1926-35) was a high powered sports car developed by Talbot designer Georges Roesch. It was the fastest four-seater ever to race at Brooklands.

2.0 Daimler 15 Lubrication Chart
Publication: L.C 99B 456-12/35

A 1930s saloon car made by the prestigious coach buillt car manufacturer, Daimler.

3.0 Raleigh Light Car And Delivery Van: - (effectively a three-wheel motorbike with a cabin on the back)
L.C 88a-34.6/34

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