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Love Vintage Technology, Gizmos and Gadgets?

Love Vintage Technology, Gizmos and Gadgets?

Here at Mullard Antiques and collectibles we do Love Vintage Technology, Gizmos and Gadgets! OK, they may be past their useable date or you may not even know what the item was used for but they all have a past and a story to tell. A piece of history to hold in your hand!

Many of them make interesting display objects for the office, shed, man cave or hobby room, or a talking point for the dinner party or BBQ in the garden! Where else are you going to find some of these things? They are certainly novel!

Mullard Antiques and Collectibles delights in being able to offer these eclectic items alongside our other weird and wonderful objects. Why not have a look at our other vintage technology products and see for yourself!

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