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It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs By Collectibulldogs

It's Reigning Cats and Dogs By Collectibulldogs

It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs

Hi everyone! Another treat in store for you today by way of a guest blog by my good friend, Eiffion Ashdown, of Collectibulldogs, and ‘Dog Dad’ to Wiggles the Bulldog! Congratulations to Eiffion for his recent awards for his blogging and for creating such a diverse Bulldog collection. For those whom may remember, Collectibulldogs now has a presence at Brighton Museum. As a testament to such hardwork, Eiffion has built a tremendous network of social media followers and should be highly commended! Over to Eiffion:-

Good day avid readers of Mullard’s Antiques! How are you, safe and well I hope? Before I start on my article about reigning cats and dogs let me just say a big thank you to Karen, it’s becoming harder for websites in the digital age of apps so backlinks are now very important.

I’ve split the article into two sections and my play on words for the title will soon come to light. Karen has submitted and had a blog published on and I too have blogged here once before so it’s nice to be invited back.

It's Reigning Cats and Dogs By Collectibulldogs
Part of the Collectibulldog Collection

It’s reigning cats and dogs (the cats )

Last time I blogged here we lived elsewhere and had a cat called “Noddy” well Noddy unfortunately went missing a few years ago and my daughter was totally and utterly devastated. This grieving went on for a while till she was introduced to her new cat Bonnie.

Bonnie had a tough kitten-hood and something that we were never told about that happened to poor Bonnie meant she became a house cat petrified of the outside. I’m all for cats having freedom but she REALLY dislikes outside.

The cats continued

As you can see I’ve put cats and the reason behind this is recently, and after a few drinks at a friends, my wife Debbie starting sending the friend’s kittens pictures she was taking and showing them to my daughter so, yep you guessed it, we now have a cat and a tiny kitten.

The kitten has been named and is called Coo Coos, I’m not sure where this name came from but it’s chosen, and Coo Coos is so cute, a mixture of colours excluding white. This little kitten also sports a tiny ginger tip on her tail that she loves chasing.

It's Reigning Cats and Dogs By Collectibulldogs
Coo Coos the kitten

Reigning cats and dogs it’s a feline takeover

It really does feel like the cats are reigning supreme here hence the title, I know Karen loves cats so felt to mix up the article a little bit, when you see Bonnie strutting around and Coo Coos trying to butt in a sideways funny walk you cannot help but giggle at the pair of them.

We have a bulldog here and it will not be long before they take over her life. The bulldog room door is stuck shut imagine what a little kitten could do to all my ceramics, more about bulldogs soon.

At home with the animals alone can either be very amusing or annoying depending on two factors: 1 is how mischievous the two get; we have noticed Coo Coos already mimicking Bonnie and, 2 what mood our Wiggles is on any given day.

It’s definitely worth the aggravation cats can cause when you see an entourage coming back and forth with Bonnie following our daughter and Coo Coos not far behind, the only downfall to all this is our daughter is 16 wants to be cabin crew and will be working within next couple of years leaving us with two moggies reigning like queens.

It's Reigning Cats and Dogs By Collectibulldogs
Bonnie & Coo Coos: the reigning cats!

It’s reigning cats and dogs (the dogs)

My first ever blog here was to tell you folk about a free bulldog memorabilia museum online, the first of its kind in the world and the only one out of 1.8 billion websites to offer such originality.

Sticking with the reigning theme it’s our achievements that make us as great as we have become, from a Domain Authority of 34 for a website not three years old yet is proof of how niche the idea was and still is.

Adding to that accolade, since I last blogged, are two blogging awards one from guest and the other was a feed spot top 30. Our bulldog memorabilia collection has won awards, became endorsed by bullish magazine in September and becoming the first hobby collector to appear on this magazines front cover this October. where you’ll find all my own content on bulldog memorabilia collectibles, we are so original even Wikipedia doesn’t have any research or information on what I’ve created.

It's Reigning Cats and Dogs By Collectibulldogs
More of the Collectibulldog collection

The dogs continued

The collection keeps growing so my exact amount keeps changing, for example two days back I was asked if I wanted to add some gold and silver memorabilia to the collection, this happens a lot as many do not know many other outlets and I tend to buy most. our visual galleries here you can bear witness to thousands of investors pieces, antiques collectibles custom limited editions, even concept pieces await your gaze, due to museum type ethos we do not sell our pieces but do allow buy and sale in the community we have started.

Our blog articles are award winning and I guest at Brighton Museum as a blogger there, I recently wrote this article that was seen to be so well presented it’s being used in the museums newsletter and it’s being sent to our local MP too.

Hitting up 175 thousand followers on twitter, a full Facebook profile and 8 thousand on my page there, plus 61 thousand on Instagram, and 30 thousand on Pinterest. Dogs are reigning too the only difference between the two is the cats are furry lol, oh and alive.


It's Reigning Cats and Dogs By Collectibulldogs

We would welcome a visit to our cool current website. You don’t need money and if you’re liking the website or what I’ve created, then you have two options, the first is to cheat, don’t start collecting and just download our PDF you’ll have 2500 of my images to call your own.

If you want to be more adventurous, then we have an ebook that’s had been taken over 700 times, this is completely organic and original and not only is it like an A-Z to collecting but I’ve added very useful tips that transcend to most niches not just ours.

Until next time, stay safe everyone and we thank you for any visits to Collectibulldogs.


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