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Gibson’s Pottery Snippet Of The Day Number 6

Antique Gibson's England Brown Lustreware/ Chrome Tea Caddy

Gibson’s Pottery Snippet Of The Day Number 6

Gibson & Sons Ltd was a Staffordshire, UK pottery founded by Sydney Gibson in 1875 as ‘Gibson, Sudlow & Co.’ They are predominantly known for their manufacture of teapots in Earthenware/ Lustreware. In fact, at one time they were the World’s largest producer of teapots/ teapot sets. However, this lack of diversification led to their demise in the 1960s when tea drinking fashions began to change.

Gibson's Pottery Snippet Of The Day Number 6
Gibson’s Pottery Windmill Tea Service

Around 1907-1910, they manufactured the ‘Largest Teapot in the world,’ holding a massive 1024 cups of tea! Click on the following link to see an image bonhams-tea-party-worlds-largest-teapot

Gibson’s brand names include; Silvoe Art Ware, Windsor Art Ware, Albany and Royal Harvey. Brown lustreware was a particular favourite, with it’s almost tortoise shell appearance, as seen in this tea caddy in the images below.

The impressed back mark on this tea caddy dates to 1910.

As with many of the great British pottery manufacturers, Gibson’s occupied several manufacturing sites  based in Staffordshire, UK including; Harvey Pottery (1875), Albany Pottery and the Chelsea Works (taken over by Susie Cooper).

A final move was made to Howard Pottery, in 1965, where they combined forces with ‘Royal Winton’.

Gibson’s were great exporters of teapots all over the world but particularly the U.S.A. They had a really good marketing export label, which read as follows:-

This is a genuine English GIBSON teapot

“The Chinese started drinking tea,

Back in a distant century,

The English started to make the Pot,

To serve this beverage piping hot.

‘Tis easy now for all to see,

Why English people love their tea,

With milk or lemon, iced or hot,

‘Tis better made in a GIBSON pot.”

Now who can argue with that!

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