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Fiat Lingotto Roof Top Car Test Track

Fiat Lingotto

Fiat Lingotto Roof Top Car Test Track

For all you classic car and racing enthusiasts out there! Fiat Lingotto was built in 1923. At the time it was the largest and most modern car manufacturing plant in Europe, both architecturally and in terms of car production.

The 500m-long, five-storey building was equipped with a roof top car test track, as seen on Top Gear. You may also recognise it from the 1969 film, ‘The Italian Job’, where the three minis were involved in a car chase by the Italian police, which just happened to include a race around the Fiat track!

Fiat Lingotto rooftop race trackThe factory’s assembly line was very innovative. It began at the ground floor and ended on the top level, where cars were taken for a test run around the track. This is where everything was tested from the production line Fiat 500s to the 160 mph Turbina concept car: all from five stories above the heart of Turin! Ramps inside the building allowed the cars to be driven back down and into showrooms.

The factory closed in 1982 and Fiat held a competition for its redevelopment. The commission was won by Architect Renzo Piano, whom also designed the New York Times building, and London’s ‘the Shard’. The iconic factory and race track was transformed into a public space complete with shopping centre, theatre, hotels, and art gallery. A helipad and, bubble-shaped, blue glass meeting room were added to the roof.

To me its a perfect day out for a couple combining a mix of Italian designer shopping and a track to rival Brooklands for the Classic car enthusiast to enjoy: it combines the best of both Worlds!

Fiat Lingotto GlassWe really love this paperweight: a souvenir piece for Fiat Lingotto, Turin, Italy. It is really difficult to photograph, as it is transparent and made from colourless glass. Light reflects and refracts off every surface!

The image of the Fiat Lingotto race track and factory is white and can be viewed in each plane. The 3D image is approximately 9cm length x 4cm height x 3.5cm width. It would look great on a desk or bureau in a bright room where light can reflect off its surface. As all Girl Guides and Scouts would know, be careful not to place it in direct sunlight!


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