1950s Thorens Riviera Clockwork Gents Dry Razor

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1950s Thorens Riviera Clockwork Gents Dry Razor

If you appreciate good design, and are passionate about not frittering away the Earth's natural resources, then this is something for you! A Thorens Riviera dry shaver, dating to between 1953 - 1961, and Made in Switzerland.

It's a clockwork razor in the style of an electric razor, BUT, instead of plugging in to consume fossil fuels, you turn the big chrome handle on the rear to wind the mechanism and a butter smooth speed-governed clockwork mechanism powers your shave.

This truly is a beautiful thing and comes supplied in the original cardboard box complete with red plastic case. The sensuous organic shape of the urea formaldehyde polymer casing fits neatly into the hand and feels beautifully balanced.

Approximate Razor Maximum Dimensions:
• Length: 12cm
* Width: 8.5cm

* The box is scuffed
* The red plastic case is in good condition
* The shaver is in very good cosmetic condition with minor surface scuffs/marks

This razor works on the same principle as the rotating blade electric shavers with a rotary cutter and foil head but is instead powered by clockwork. Ideal when you are miles from anywhere. We have cranked this up and found that the cutting head works fine, though it may struggle to give an effective shave with anything other than an overnight growth of beard.

It was made by Thorens, originally a German company, in the Black Forest who started off in 1883, making cuckoo clocks before branching put to make horn gramophones, cigarette lighters amongst other things. HiFi affectionados will revere the Thorens name for their hifi turntable offerings. The razor was so good that in the 1960's the Russians copied it marketing a facsimile known as the Sputnik.

This razor has a great industrial design which has stood the test of time!

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