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Collectibulldogs: More than just a passion for collecting!

Collectibulldogs: More than just a passion for collecting!

Collectibulldogs: More than just a passion for collecting!

Another heartfelt guest blog from Eiffion Ashdown, as he explains to us why Collectibulldogs is more than just a passion for collecting.

Thank you Eiffion. I know all our readers out there are keen to know what you have to say, so over to you!


Hi there to all of Mullard Antiques, (Karen’s) readers, I hope you’re all safe and well and let me just say what an honour it is to guest blog for Mullard Antiques! Guest blogging gives each other’s blog archives a bit of diversity and something different to read once in a while.



I’m going to tell you about myself and the best passion I’ve ever had (excluding becoming a dad of course!). I will not bore you with the details on how I got to where I am but, if you do want to know my back story, you can read it on my about page at collectibulldogs. ‘Dang’ I just gave it away! Oh well, start as you mean to go on: I collect bulldogs. Not real bulldogs ( I have been asked)?  I collect anything and everything English bulldog related, and in the past seven years or so I’ve created a bulldog collection that looks like it took sixty years to collect.




I’m not sure where to start here. I’m not being brash but I have obtained and curated so many pieces now my own home resembles an Olde style English antique shop. All I need is a few clocks and a door bell and I have a ready made shop! I will try and describe the collection best I can but forgive me if I forget anything.

kl14iy-n-jpg-largeMy best cabinet displays my top investable pieces I have quite a few Doulton, some Royal Copenhagen bulldog figurines, there’s Crown Devon and, my pride and joy that I call the beast… The beast is a German 1928 porcelain bulldog and in my field he is as close to perfection in detail as you would find in any of today’s pieces and the artists skills in getting this piece right must of taken awhile but as you can see the bulldog itself is just exquisite.

I have another cabinet that holds all my English pieces and I have a smaller cabinet for all the German pieces and the reason for separate cabinets is not only for reference but these countries made so many it’s easier just to have them together like they are.

The other two main cabinets house all my metals and bronzes, and the other has a mish mash of antique pieces, including bulldog head inkwells from the 1860s (wooden treen pieces). I’m sorry but it doesn’t stop there!

I have four more cabinets where I store my miscellaneous pieces, and I’m in the middle of sorting out a cute curio with silver and glass bulldog pieces which I think will look great when done. So that’s the cabinets explained which leaves my silver collection, postcard collection, art collection, books, prints, club pieces and the list goes on….



My favourite pieces from all this has to be the pieces my daughter makes at school for me. She’s a little older now, so more socially inept, and spends most of her time with her friends but (in my about section) she appreciates why I’m doing this for her.




Apart from the collection, which I didn’t take seriously till a few years ago now, I would never of thought I would be the first in my field. Not only to put my collection online for all to see but also come up with what I think is a catchy name. I do apologise to folks for its length but it’s not a name that could be forgotten easy, and when you’re a show and tell site and not selling you need a good name to catch the eye of possible viewers.

The website just celebrated its first year online and also recently made over 50k viewers. We made the local news a little while back and a new form of the website is being created, which I hope brings in more viewers and showcases my collection even better.

Collectibulldogs is growing in popularity and I’ve unwittingly become an online influence with my self promoting my blogs and knowledge, and of course the people that are following me on social media. I hope that in the next coming year I can improve on my positive agenda and hope my venture continues to do well.




I love my new life in the antiques and bulldog world. I just wished I had started a lot longer ago now but, hey, I finally found my calling and enjoying every little achievement, affirmation, and the kindness of so many that have either found the spark again to collect or for those that have started a new collection from the inspiration behind collectibulldogs.



Not every piece I own is an antique but that’s what makes my collection so diverse and I’m hoping at least a few readers jump over and have a muse. I’m also available for any assistance to all collectors. I help research and even liquidate collections for ex collectors or those wishing to cash in on their pieces and my knowledge is varied but as like everybody else, I’m not a know it all, and sometimes I still get things wrong but I try my best and the collection speaks volumes as it wouldn’t be on my shelves if I had no knowledge to its background and price etc.



When we took the collection online there was a buzz and folks started asking for prices on my pieces and I did think about taking the collection down the retail route but then I wondered how I would restock on pieces so rare even I took awhile to find them. It was not till collectibulldogs lent a piece to the Brighton Toy Museum that it hit me!!!


The museum route is a much better way of not only preserving my pieces but an even better legacy to pass on and now I dream of opening a bulldog museum and gallery all of my very own and, if in time, the first in the UK. Pipe dreams aside, there is talk of an exhibition in my local museum. It will take a while to get installed but it’s an honour and a step in the right direction for us and, as my website will suggest, I’m just the caretaker here. The collection belongs to my lucky daughter and her future.

Click on this link to read Effion’s other blog about Collectibulldogs at the Brighton Museum.



Just before I go can I say there’s more to collectibulldogs than meets the eye we are to there to inspire as well as to help. I’ve had my fair share of hardships and know that being kind and selfless is the way to be, and by the correspondence we get its starting to happen so if you see one of my posts anywhere on social media give it a little like or share and do your bit to help me to help others.

Thank you again to Karen (my pleasure Eiffion!) for letting me into your lives and giving you a little insight into my adventure so far… If your mind is now intrigued, and you wish to see what I’ve been talking about, please may I invite you to check out, it really is a one of a kind and made solely by myself.

Until next time folks, enjoy life and happy collecting……

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