Vintage Moko Lesney Matchbox 7a Horse drawn milk float


Vintage Moko Lesney Matchbox 7a Horse drawn milk float (No Box)

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Vintage Moko Lesney Matchbox 7a Horse drawn milk float

This Vintage Moko Lesney Matchbox 7a Horse drawn milk float (No Box) model comprises an orange milk float with a chocolate brown horse with white fetlocks, and a white metal milkman riding up on top.

Wheel type:  8.5 x15 grey metal

Left rear crate: positioned to the rear

Braces: No braces to the horse shaft

Lettering: pasteurised milk in white

Back Marking: Made in England by Lesney

The toy has been played with, and there is paint missing both on the horse and the milk float. It has no box.

The milk float model was made between 1954 and 1961.


Some History For You.

Lesney was founded in a derelict pub (The Rifleman) on January 19, 1947 as an industrial die-casting company by Leslie Smith and Rodney Smith: (unrelated, despite the name).

1953 was notable for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the unofficial launch of the ‘Matchbox’ line of miniature diecast vehicles when British toymaker Lesney Products created a 15 3/4-inch-long replica of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation coach. The coach came in either silver or gold, and was pulled by a team of eight white horses and four red-jacketed riders.

By the end of 1953, Lesney trademarked the name ‘Matchbox’ as the brand for all 1:75 scale cars and trucks. This was due in no small part to Lesney’s partner, Jack Odell, whose daughter, Ann, was only allowed to take toys to school which were small enough to fit in to a matchbox! Odell, (an engineer), successfully made a matchbox sized road roller out of cast-brass and painted it red and green.

Milk floatPhoto of a real life Horse drawn Milk float.

Models from the first year included; green-and-red cement mixers, road rollers, dump trucks, and the orange milk float featuring a black horse with white fetlocks and a metal milkman riding up on top. Cars were also offered. They were a great success; children loved their small size and could buy them with their pocket money. By 1960, Lesney was producing 50 million Matchbox vehicles per year!

Contemporary collectors love these vintage Matchbox toys. Lesney were noted for their attention to detail. Cars had dashboards, and their wheels looked real. Headlamps were spray-painted silver and, later, molded plastic was squeezed into the interiors. Some models contained up to 100 die cast parts!

In the early years of the series, Lesney used a partner company, “Moko” (itself also named after its founder, Moses Kohnstam), to market/distribute its toys.


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