The Reader’s Digest Complete Atlas Of The British Isles


The Reader’s Digest Complete Atlas Of The British Isles 1965

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The Reader’s Digest Complete Atlas Of The British Isles

Publisher: The Reader’s Digest Association Limited (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 1965 First Edition

Binding: Hardback

Book Condition: Good/ Used ( in its box)

This rare beautiful atlas is still in its original box! Some of the pages are yellowing but none are torn or marked.

The atlas contains a full-page foreword by Admiral of the Fleet, The Earl Mountbatten of Burma K.G. The late Uncle of Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh.

This would be a great object for a bibliophile, map collector or just as a good old fashioned reference book for amazing facts about the British Isles in the 1960’s. Its would make a lovely coffee table book or as decoration for a much loved bookcase.

It measures approximately 40cm (height) x 28cm (width): A1


Information about the Content:
Section One, “The Nature Of The Land” includes detailed Topographical Maps and layered illustrations of the landscapes,as well as color-coded County Maps.

Section Two, “The Country We Live In” has a General “guide” map, with keys to individual page maps that are divided into increments of approximately six mile squares, very detailed.

Section Three, “The Fabric Of A Nation”, is quite extensive, and includes: a brief history of the past two million years, as well as Sub-sections on Climate, Nature, Population, People Today, The Strength of Religion, Language and Dialects, Place Names, Folklore and Customs, Birthplaces of Famous People, Machinery of Government, Trends in Crime, Recreation Out of Doors, Agriculture, Sources of Food, Trade with the World, Transport (subcategorized into Air Travel, Inland Waterways, Railways, The Road System, and Navigation in coastal Waters), Communications, Industry (Mineral Resources and Energy, and The Products of Industry), Regional Building and Architecture, and Alliances for Peace.

Section Four, “Places In The British Isles” consists of seventy pages, divided into four voluminous parts:


ANALYSIS OF THE COUNTIES, (County and meaning of county name,Population, County Town/Other major towns, Predominant Occupations and industries with number of employees, Local Government Composition, Number of Members of Parliament, Population (by Gender, Density Per Acre, Population over the past 160 years, Percentage by various age groups, Percentage born in county and/or Outside British Isles) Standard of Living, (Number of Dwellings, Average Domestic Rateable Value, Average Income Liable to Tax, Households per Private Car, Average Annual Retail Sales Per Person), Health (Hospitals, sub-categorized by National Health Service, Non N.H.S., and Psychiatric), Average number of patients per G.P., Birth-rate per 1000, Death-rate per 1000, & Infant Mortality per 1,000 births) EDUCATION: Universities & Colleges, Number of primary schools, Percentage of 13-Year-old pupils attending secondary schools,sub-categorized by Secondary modern (and others), Grammar, Direct grant grammar, Comprehensive, Technical, and Independent, Breakdown of cost by secondary school pupil (Average cost per pupil, Salaries and wages,Books and equipment, Rent, fuel and other costs, and COUNTY ABBREVIATION.

Weather in figures, Includes tables of statistics for length of sunshine, average temperatures by month, by Major City, Average Rainfall in inches, by month, by Major City

Table of Distances by Road in England, Scotland and Wales, with a separate table for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The final sub-section, “Facts About the British Isles”, includes
–a brief summary on each specific country: England, Wales, Scotland, The Isle of Man, The Channel Islands, and Ireland.
–Physical Features of the British Isles (Length of Coastline, Tidal Ranges, Areas of the the Countries in Square Miles, Geographical Counties, Area of Land per Head of the Population, Longest Rivers, Largest Lakes, Highest Mountains, Deepest Depressions, and Cave Systems.
–Weather Records of the British Isles/ Observatories
–Eclipses of the Sun and Moon,
–Population: Vital Statistics
–Battles in Great Britain and Ireland
–Money Matters
–Prices of Commodities and Earnings
–The Time of Day (By International Time Zones)
–The Traditional Centres of Fine Workmanship
(includes sub-categories of Earthenware, Porcelain, Stoneware,
Pewter, Silver, Glass, Sheffield Plate, Embroidery & Lace,
Furniture, Printed Textiles, Woven Textiles, and Carpets & Tapestries.)
–Universities, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
–Physical Regions,
and a full page of Acknowledgements.

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