Vintage ICOM GC-5 Quartz World Clock


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Vintage ICOM GC-5 Quartz World Clock

This is a wonderful Vintage ICOM GC-5 Quartz World Clock with Alarm. It was made in Osaka, Japan in the early 1990s. The manufacturer, ICOM, is best known for production of high quality 2-way radio transceivers and short wave receivers.

This clock was supposedly produced for ham radio operators so that they knew when to be up and about to transmit. You can download the user instructions for this clock by clicking on the following link.

These clocks are very rare, and this one is in very good condition and in full working order. It could probably do with a clean, and the surfaces are slightly scuffed with age. There are no cracks, chips or major scratches.

The clear parts of the clock are made from acrylic. The face is glass with a chrome bezel. You set local time (black hands) and then turn another button, which turns the orange hands, to reflect the time in London: this then gives you the correct time across several time zones. It runs on one ‘AA’ battery (cell), which won’t be included (shipping with batteries fitted is prohibited by most couriers).

This is a great little accessory for the executive office desk or the bedside cabinet. It has an inbuilt alarm too!

The World Clock works on UTC or Coordinated Universal Time: the primary standard time used worldwide to regulate clocks and time. It is close to, but not the same as, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Approximate measurements:-

  • Height: 15cm/ 6″ (chrome base to the top of the clock)
  • Width: 12cm/ 4.7″
  • Depth: 7cm/ 2.8″

If you like clocks then please click on the following link for more ideas.

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