Vintage Half Doll Porcelain Pin Cushion Lady (lilac pink)


Vintage Half Doll China Bisque Pin Cushion Lady (lilac pink with blue hat)

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Vintage Half Doll Porcelain Pin Cushion Lady (lilac pink)

Vintage Half doll Porcelain Pin Cushion Lady, wearing a pale lilac pink dress with white trim, and sporting a rather dapper pale blue hat with yellow ostrich feather.

Her left hand is reaching to her left chest holding a piece of orange fruit. She has a grey pompadour hairstyle.

She is marked ‘foreign‘.

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Pincushion dolls are not really dolls and often were not even pin cushions! Some collectors use the term “half-doll.” The top half of each doll was made of porcelain.

The edge of the half-doll was made with several small holes for thread, and the doll was stitched to a fabric body with a voluminous skirt. The finished figure was used to cover a hot pot of tea, powder box, pincushion, broom, or lamp.

They were made in sizes from less than an inch to over 9 inches high. Pin cushion dolls were often hand-painted. Most date from the early 1900s to the 1950s. Collectors often find just the porcelain doll without the fabric skirt.

Height: 8.0 cm (approximately)


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