Antique Conta & Boheme German made Fairing


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Antique Conta & Boheme German made Fairing: The last in bed to put out the light

Antique Conta & Boheme German made Fairing: The Last in bed to put out the light. This fairing was made by ‘Conta & Boheme’ for the UK market at the end of the 19th Century (1890-1900).

The solid base is stamped with the printed mark ‘Made in Germany’.

Approximate Maximum Measurements

  • Length: 9.5cm (3.7″)
  • Width: 5.5cm (2.2″)
  • Height: 9.1cm (3.6″)

This figurine is a domestic scene of a husband climbing into bed with his wife, whom is already in bed. The words, written in gold on the side of the ornament, are quite difficult to read but say The last in bed to put out the light.  

You can see the man glancing towards the candle as he climbs in to bed: no electric lighting was available in this house, in fact most UK houses until well into the 20th Century.

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Some Trivia For You!

Why is this figure called a Fairing?

The answer is that they were given away as prizes at fun fairs: no goldfish or coconut prizes then! They were popular from about the Mid 19th Century until the outbreak of WW1, when most manufacturers attention was diverted to the war effort.

The fairings tend to be small, porcelain ornaments depicting domestic, comic, or political scenes. They are quite decorative and usually have a caption on the side.

The most collectable were made by the German Manufacturer ‘Conta & Boheme,’ Pössneck. They tend to have a solid base rather than a hollow base, as seen in later mid 20th Century reproductions. This company developed a mass production method that no other company could match, thereby achieving an advantage over other firms.

The early examples (mid 19th Century to 1890) of Conta & Boheme were impressed with a hallmark (bent arm holding a sword and enclosed in a shield) in conjunction with a 4- digit number. From 1890, the shield mark was often replaced with a printed ‘Made in Germany’ mark and no 4-digit code, as in this example.


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