1940s Kirkland & Company Embassy Ware Winston Churchill Toby Jug


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1940s Kirkland & Company Embassy Ware Winston Churchill Toby Jug

This is an unusual and large vintage 1940s Kirkland & Company Embassy Ware Winston Churchill Toby Jug. This is really a character jug as it only shows the head and shoulders of the figure. It is cream/honey-coloured and press-moulded earthenware.

Kirkland & Company Pottery were based in Etruria, Staffordshire, England. They probably produced this jug to commemorate the appointment of Winston Churchill as ‘The First Lord of The Admiralty’ in 1939. It has the appearance of a ship’s masthead surrounded by waves. The jug was produced under the Embassy Ware label and produced for a limited time.

Colour versions were produced for the U.S.A market. The cream version is extremely rare and there is one in an exhibit in the Imperial War Museum, London.

Kirkland and Company was retitled Kirklands (Etruria) Ltd. around 1938 when A.E.Gray bought an interest in the company. The company closed in early 1947.

The jug is in good condition with no chips or cracks. There are quite a few ‘bubbles’ in the glazing on the right hand side of the jug and it possibly could have been a manufacturing seconds. It is marked on the bottom with ‘Made in England’ but has no maker’s mark. In perfect condition, this item would be worth in excess of £300, we are selling this version for significantly less!

It has a wide neck and would make a great flower vase or water jug.

If you like WW2 memorabilia, Winston Churchill commemorative ware or rare pottery, then this little gem is a ‘must have’ for you!

It measures approximately:

  • 19cm (7.5″) in height
  • 12.5cm (4.9″) Base length
  • 10.5cm (4.13″) Base width
  • ~22cm (8.67″) maximum width (from jug handle to tip of the tricorn hat)

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