Vintage F Darton Metal case Thermo Barograph

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Vintage F Darton Metal Case Thermo Barograph

This is a very nice Vintage F Darton Metal Case Thermo Barograph, thermo-barograph or a barothermograph.   Interestingly, the latter name was used by Negretti & Zambra to try and distinguish their instruments from the models by F Darton and Co. Ltd, Watford, England. F. Darton later became part of Russell Scientific Instruments Ltd.

A Thermobarograph is a device that simultaneously records the temperature and pressure of the atmosphere.

The pressure is sensed by a metal gauge, known as an ‘Aneroid’, meaning without fluid. Since the amount of movement registered by a single aneroid is tiny, aneroids are often stacked in series (on top of one another) to amplify their motion. This particular barometer has 15 aneroids, which means that it is particularly sensitive.

An aneroid is also known as a ‘Vidie-can’ or ‘Vidi’ in deference to the inventor, Frenchman, Lucien Vidi.

This thermobarometer is in great condition! It comes with:-

  • Original pens,
  • Two original bottles of ink
  • Precision of a cursive bi-metallic strip for the temperature sensing
  • 15 stack vide or aneroid capsule for pressure.

Currently, the thermo-barometer is reading the same as our Fortin barometer, this is an accurate and exquisite vintage precision instrument. The Gluck 8 day movement works well, ticking and keeping time satisfactorily.

All in all this represents a scarce opportunity to obtain one of these combined instruments for service, collection or even recasing in a custom wood and glass case!

For future servicing and consumable needs we can thoroughly recommend Russell Scientific Instruments of Dereham in Norfolk.

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