Vintage PIFCO All in One Radiometer AC And DC


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Vintage PIFCO All in One Radiometer AC And DC

This Vintage PIFCO All in One Radiometer AC And DC is a wonderful little multimeter that dates back to the 1930s/40s. It cost 12/6 when new. It has a black Bakelite case and was made by PIFCO, Manchester, UK.

The unit has not been tested and is being sold as a collectible, for display only. It comes with it’s original box and leads. It is in good cosmetic condition but with a few scuffs commensurate with age and use.

This is a great 1930s advert for the device. I particularly like the reference to Sherlock Holmes!

The Sherlock Holmes of Radio.
Saves Worry, Touble and solves all difficulties.
Can be used for testing Motor-Car Lighting Circuits.

The Pifco ‘All in One’ Radiometer AC and DC measured in three ranges up 30 Milliamps, 6Volts or 240 Volts AC or DC from the same terminals on top of the unit.

Continuity was also possible for low resistance items such as transformers and valve heaters. A 1.5 Volt battery fits inside the unit.

Please click on the following link for a pdf of the instruction manual.

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PIFCO Radiometer advert


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