Pyne’s Accurate Bakelite Vintage Bowls Measure


Pyne’s Accurate Bakelite Vintage Bowls Measure

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Pyne’s ‘Accurate’ Bakelite Vintage Bowls Measure

This is a lovely example of a lawn or crown green Pyne’s Accurate Bakelite Vintage Bowls Measure.

It can still be used as a bowls measure but it would also make an interesting addition to any collector of measures, bakelite, or kitsch objects. As a gardener, I would use it to mark out distances for planting seeds as opposed to string. You can stake the end of the measure quite easily!

Since the object of a game of bowls  is to get closer to the jack than your opponent, it’s essential to be able to accurately measure the distance between jack and bowls to decide who has won.

For measuring distances between 6 inches and 10 feet or so, measures made of nylon cord or metal wire or tape are used.

This particular vintage measure: –

  • Is a small pocket sized hand held tape measure with a wire that extends up to approximately 54″
  • Has a Bakelite and metal case
  • Dimensions ~: 6cm length x 4.5 cm width x 1.6cm depth

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Bowls is thought to have been first played in Britain in the 13th Century.

The photo of a bowling match on the left was taken in the early 20th Century. Bowls was amongst the few sports where it was acceptable for both men and women to participate.


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