Vintage Miniature Watchmaker’s Screw Thread Micrometer


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Vintage Miniature Watchmaker’s Screw Thread Micrometer: 0-20mm

This is a rather cute, and well used, Vintage Miniature Watchmaker’s Screw Thread Micrometer measuring 0-20mm distances. The object is held by two points rather than the flat surface of most micrometer types. This type is quite often used for measuring the height of electrical crimp connections or ‘crimp-height micrometer’.

This little object has been well loved by the Engineering lecturer/amateur watch repairer who owned it. There is a maker’s mark in the form of a crown. I have been unable to identify the manufacturer. It dates to the 1960s/70s and the scale is in metric.

The micrometer is only 6.5cm long and approximately 2.5cm in height. I’ve never seen such a small micrometer!

Vintage Miniature Watchmaker's Screw Thread Micrometer
Vintage Miniature Watchmaker’s Screw Thread Micrometer

According to the Cambridge Dictionary:-

A Micrometer is a device for making very exact measurements or for measuring very small things

Micrometers use a calibrated screw to measure small distances. These measurements are translated into larger screw rotations which enable the measurement to be read from a scale.

Micrometers are typically used in manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering.

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