1970s Boxed Minox C Black Subminiature Camera


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1970s Boxed Minox C Black Subminiature Camera

1970s Boxed Minox C Black subminiature camera, with chain, flash, all cases, all documentation and in the original presentation box! It has not been tested with film in it.

On offer today we have a Minox C in black finish, produced some time between 1969 – 1978.  The camera is in beautiful condition and is supplied with all it’s accessories. I don’t think the cases, chain and flash accessories have ever been used.  Why not take advantage of the new films introduced by Minox in Jan 2015 and re-invent stylish analogue subminiature photography!

This reminds me of the time when I was out with a Minox Riga a few years ago and a lady commented “Ooh, what a lovely little gadget, that must be new?”  I replied, “Not really, the camera was made in 1938!!!”

The Minox cameras project an image of 8×11 mm onto the negative. The film is in strips 8mm wide and unlike 35 mm film, it has no sprocket holes. This film strip is rolled up in the supply side chamber of a small twin chamber cartridge, with the film leader taped to a take-up spool in the take up chamber. For Minox C cameras onward the Minox film cartridge holds 15, 30, or 36 exposures.

Some Trivia For You

  • The original Minox subminiature camera was invented by Walter Zapp (born in 1905 in Riga).
  • On moving with his family to Reval (now Tallinn in Estonia) he became friends with Nikolai ‘Nixi’ Nylander, whom named the camera ‘Minox, and designed the mouse logo, and Richard Jürgens whom helped arrange funding for the camera that you could carry in your pocket.
  • The camera had to be called subminiature as 35mm cameras were already referred to as ‘miniature’.
  • Due to their size and macro focusing ability, the Minox had a niche but lucrative market in the form of the American, British and German intelligence agencies from the 1930s onwards. All good spies had one!

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